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Success Development and Mind Set Training Excuse #12 I’m Too Old Or Not Old Enough

Excuse # 12: Is the twelfth in the series of 18 excuses people most commonly use, unconsciously or consciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful. Your Mind Set is a substantial part of success development. That through strategies like this and Personal Development can be made a lot easier.

“I’m too old or I’m not old enough” The age of your body can be an obstacle as you move through this information and start changing your thinking habits. We have heard limiters our whole life.

You can’t ride a bike till your 4, you can’t drive a car till your 16, and then at some point you found out you went from not being old enough to being too old. You can’t change careers after 45 you’re to old or you’re too old to achieve your dreams now.

And all of this mind chatter can become a reality for us. There is a difference between the amount of trips your body has made around the sun and your internal being. We all have an ageless mind…that is oblivious to the aging process. It is available to you whenever you invite it to come out and play.

You remember day dreaming as a child, or drawing or writing. You are the age you are no more, no less and this should not be allowed to effect your actions. The rest of it is just another mind virus. These are a few of the components I shoot to help people achieve in their journey to success development, mind set and personal development and I hope this tip adds value for you.

Source by Ray Jernukian

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