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When it comes to your self esteem, What’s your choice?

W. Clement Stone once quoted, “Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that must be followed to become an expert in anything”

Do you remember Star Wars? Yoda made this quote, “Do or Do Not, there is no such thing as try!”

If you were to look up the word “Try” you would come up with this reference – To attempt to do or accomplish, to test the effect or result of.

If you were to look up the word “Do” you would come up with this reference – To perform, to execute, to accomplish, to act upon, to take action, to finish or be finished.

Which one are you?

To me, it’s either do or do not! I will test and track and get rid of the trash that doesn’t work. Doing is taking action and when we take action, we are committing to accomplish the actions we put in place to complete.

When I was 8 years old, my father finally got me to “try” onions and they made me gag. Today in life, I love onions. I did not actually try the onions, I took action and ate the piece of onion I was given; therefore I had done and accomplished something that I fully committed myself to doing!

I started my own business 14 years ago and stand successful today! If I had “tried” to start my own business 14 years ago, I believe I would have attempted the process and set myself up for failure! Instead, I took “action” and “committed” to start my own business 14 years ago; therefore I set myself up to accomplish the actions I committed myself to do!

I 150% believe in do or do not. The more you do and the more mistakes you make, you learn to become an expert in anything you set action upon to DO! Thus, giving no such thing as try!

In the online world of marketing, most Internet marketers classify the word try as test and track. We use organizations to “Test and Track” what works and what doesn’t work. We then know what we are required to change. It’s more like, getting rid of the trash. If it’s no good and it’s not working for us, we throw it out and commit to doing something new!

All-in-all and at the end of each day, I believe there is no TRY. It’s either Do or DO NOT.

That’s my opinion, although opinions vary! What is your opinion? Do you try to accomplish your goals or are you a doer of commitment to accomplish your goals and successes?

I look forward to seeing your success online!

Source by Philip Mutrie

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