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If you have a problem with the joints in your hands, you may need to see a hand surgeon. The reason why this professional is more qualified to handle your condition is they have gone to school and received an extensive amount of training about this part of your body. They know how it works and can identify problems that would interfere with its function. If you have a condition that warrants more than self care, your hand surgeon will be able to determine what the problem is and provide you with the best care possible. Since this part of the body is made of many nerves and delicate structures, it is important that you seek out professional care whenever there is pain.

One common condition that affects millions of people each and every year is carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a condition where inflammation sets into the nerves of the wrist. As a result, the person usually feels pain, numbness, and other uncomfortable sensations that can make using the wrist difficult. Many people that work in professions or have hobbies that involve excessive or constant use of the hands often end up with this condition. Office workers, musicians, and even sports players can be affected. This is one condition where you don’t want to rely on over the counter medications and wraps to give you some relief. This is such a serious condition that could lead to degeneration if it is left untreated. You need to see a hand surgeon for treatment. They can give you a more definitive care plan that will improve your condition.

Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of injuries that can only be healed with surgery. Whenever there is damage to your fingers, wrist, and other parts of that extremity, you are going to need to see a hand surgeon. Some injuries will be more serious than others, however, if you are not sure how bad your condition is, you could always got to the emergency room. They can refer you to a good specialist if they can’t treat you.

A hand surgeon can also treat people who have been born with extra digits or missing digits. They can provide hope in some of the most challenging situations. Some congenital birth defects can be successfully treated with an operation. Sometimes when surgery is not enough, prosthetics will be prescribed along with physical therapy to help the patient learn how to use their extremity as normally as possible. This gives children and other patients the opportunity to live lives that are far more productive than what they would have lived without treatment.

If you use your hands for a living, you need to make sure that you take good care of your body and extremities so you won’t have any problems or pain to interfere with your daily routines. If you end up with a situation where the integrity of your extremity is compromised, see a specialist right away.

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