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Personal Development – What is It?

Personal Development is a new term for a very old philosophy. The recent book The Secret has facilitated a huge resurgence of understanding of this real nature of reality. Older publications include Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Clement Stone’s How to Win Friends and Influence People but the roots of this knowledge go way back to 1500BC at least and were transcribed in the ancient Indian Vedic texts. In its infancy in the Western Hemisphere, relatively, but growing naturally and immensely as the truth of the nature of reality, The Secret, is becoming known. Our company is positioned within this growth wave at a very good time.

Deepak Chopra, a world renowned doctor, teacher and author, is being instrumental in getting the Vedic message out to the Western World. His brilliant works The Seven Spiritual Laws to Success , Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and Creating Affluence -are among some of numerous books, audiobooks and you tube videos available.

The reality is that THOUGHT is the principle creative force in the Universe. The relatively new Science of Neruo Chrenology substantiates this with the work of Dr Joe Dispenza and others. Dr Joe’s book – Evolve your Mind demonstrates the makeup of the human mind and explains how our huge Frontal Lobe in the Neo Cortex area of your brains, sets us aside from all other species, and illustrates that this structure is the powerhouse for the directive use of THOUGHT. Thought is a directed wave of energy. It is happening anyway – all the time – for better or for worse. Thoughts become things – so be very careful what you think about. Thought directed by our “true self” when ego is conquered will have dramatic and lasting effect on our lives and our futures including our finances! This is the basis of The Secret of Personal Development..

Recent discoveries have also highlighted a concept called NeuroPlasticity – nothing is fixed in a neural sense – all is fluid and able to change and be changed by thought no matter your age or circumstances. New synaptic connections are built continuously though life, with directed thought as old unused one decay.

Stop being the actors in your lives – and start being the producers of your world!

We are spiritual beings in a Human Experience.

The relatively new Science of Quantum Physics substantiates all this. The behaviour of subatomic particles is directly dependent on the act of observation. Matter is 99.8% empty space and at this quantum level, named by Deepak Chopra as the Quantum Field, all is a vibration of energy – and all is possible when one understands and applies the methods to connect with our true selves, connect to the Quantum Field – this is where thoughts become things.

We are vibrational manifestations and thought is the source.

Einstein formualted his formula for energy e=mc2. IN essence all is energy.

Source by Roger A K Peters

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