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One of the obvious signs of a low self esteem is excessive shyness.

Shyness can be a good indicator, that you do not think much of yourself. People who are very shy tend to feel good about themsleves only when complemented, although compliments can also be difficult for them to accept.

I don’t believe anyone is born shy. In actual fact i believe it’s something we pick up as we go through life, some of which can be result of negative mental abuse, negative life experiences, experiences of failure etc.

Below are some tips that will hep you combat shyness and turbo boost your self esteem.

Tip 1: Overcome timidity by building self esteem.

What you need to do is to become more assertive, have more confidence, become less concerned about what people think of you.

When you care too much about what others think, you are opening yourself up to manipulation.

When you care too much about what people think,you will tend to go with the herd. When you care less about what other people think you become a more honest, and a decent person because, you don’t have to pretend so much.

You must develop the skin of a rhino in order to combat your fear of rejection.

The opinion that people have is just an opinion based on experience. Get over it.

Step 2: Overcome shyness by learning to remain calm.

If you find yourself in a situation, that starts to make you feel nervous. The first thing you must do is to take a deep breath, relax and say to yourself, they are human just like i am, they have the common fears and concerns just like i do.

When you are relaxed you will start to perceive people, problems and experiences from another perspective.

Step 3: Defeat timidity by being open to accepting compliments from people.

If your timidity is obvious with a blush every time people give you a compliment, then you must practice the acceptance technique.

One method of doing this is to appreciate yourself. Make a decision to view compliments as a normal part of life.

Be totally open to accept good compliments from people.

In order to defeat timidity, you must be willing to face it every single time. Each encounter you have will either strengthen you or weaken you.

Timidity only grows if you constantly avoid it. You must face it, and watch it fade away.

Source by Seyi Eyitayo

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