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Asking Empowering Questions Triggers Personal Growth and Development

Your Brain Functions by Asking Questions

Your brain is continually active, weighing up everything it sees and experiences in order to come up with what is important and needs attention, and what it can “delete”. If you are not consciously focusing on anything, your brain will slip over into automatic mode and simply absorb and assess life from what it is receiving through hearing and seeing. It will be picking up a lot of random and useless things. You could be limiting not only your resources, but your personal growth by allowing this.

The Questions You Ask Reveal Where Your Focus Is.

You can quickly discover what you are focusing on by becoming aware of the questions you are asking. Change your focus on purpose, and you will automatically come up with a different set of questions and answers. Use this ability to choose empowering instead of dis-empowering questions. You have to do it on purpose.

Limiting Questions Keep You Where You Are

One of the most limiting questions you can ask when life is not running smoothly, is, “Why me?” or something similar. This sets a whole train of questions and answers from the memories stored in your brain. You will find that all the negative things and situations you have ever experienced in the past will come to mind. Your brain will always look for answers to the specific questions you ask. Your brain tries to legitimize your questions with the stored data available. The result will be that you will come up with answers such as, “I don’t deserve any better”, “I always fail at this/get into trouble”, “I haven’t got what it takes”. These questions provide answers from the PAST. You can do nothing about your past, so nothing is changed, or will change, except you might fall into depression.

Empowering Questions Prompt Responsibility, Initiative and Growth

Empowering questions take the data of the present, consider your past experiences, but look to the FUTURE for new answers. You will come up with positive things you can take out of any situation and you will also come up with ideas about how to use bad circumstances or seeming disadvantages for your growth and advantage. Ask things like, “What can I learn from this?” “How can I use this to make me a better person?” “How can this help me?” “What can I do to change this?” Your brain will provide you with many answers and possibilities every time.


Your brain is the best tool for growth you have. Take charge of your thinking. You need to become very conscious of the questions your brain is asking, they reveal what you are focusing on. If the questions are dis-empowering, change the questions consciously and you will start getting empowering answers. Your growth and personal development are directly related to the questions you are asking. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and turn your life around.

Source by Margaret Edith Boucher

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